Dental Implants each /$99.00/month/24 months/interest free


X-Rays Exam,Consultation Only $75.00    

Root Canals Front teeth(Anteriors)  $299.00
Back teeth (Molars)  $599.00 ,(Difficult Root canals extra charges) or $67/Month/interest free/12 months

Post & core $199.00  each

Zirconia Crown White (Metal free) $699.00 each or $55/month/interest free finance/12 months


Porcelain veneers $799.00 each or $67/month/interest free finance/12 months

Dentures & Partials ;$850.00 each

Implant +Post+Crown $1999.oo

Bone Grafting (each socket) $799.00

Extraction (Front tooth) $90.00

Extraction (Molars ) $350.00,Difficult and surgical extractions $550.00 

Implant + Abutment and Crown just $1999.00 each or $99.00/month/interest free Finance/12 months

Snap on smile just $1500.00/each jaw within 2 weeks (Non invasive,no drilling,just snap on) 

Mini Dental Implant with Restoration of each missing teeth $1500--Loose dentures stabilized with 4 Mini implants $3500/each jaw

Porcelain veneers permanent $999.00/each

 Visa,Master Card,American Express,Discover & Care Credit accepted

Interest free Financing through alphaeon Credit apply today below link

Evening and weekened Appointments available

Mon 10AM-7:00PM
Tue 10AM-7PM
Wed 10AM-7PM
Thur 2PM-8PM
Fri 10AM-7PM
Satarday 9AM-3PM 

For Appointment  any questions please call  (718)728-1505
Location ---   29-08 30th Ave.
Astoria, New York 11102      (Open Sundays)

A testimonial of one of our cosmetic patients:          
Patient comments 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDf0Pop2YgU&feature=colike
Patient comments 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veUz-Y8NAvM&hd=1
Patient comments 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaxFcy6CoX0&feature=colike
Patient comments 4- Spanish - Patient comments 4- Spanish
Patient comments 5-http://youtu.be/G47L5U99E0U


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