Dear Dr. Singh

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did in creating my perfect smile! I am so proud now, can't stop smiling and love everything that was done. As a professional singer, I feel the confidence necessary now to really fly. It truly has changed my life and just let me know if you ever need a recommendation to anyone seeking your expertise. You are the best!

Thanks for making me smile!

Julie B.
Astoria, N.Y.

Dear Dr. Singh
Every day is a so special now that I have something to smile about. It's a wonderful smile for sure. I am so grateful to you for what you have done to make my smile so perfect...your artistry is amazing. My teeth are perfect.

All the best!
Jennifer S.
Jackson Heights, New York

Dear Dr. Singh
Hats off to you and your staff for creating a brand new me! I am so happy to get up and share my smile with everyone I see, something that before was hard to do.
At work, they think I am a new person and I owe it all to you. Thank you for my new smile.

Laurie A.
Flushing,New York

Dear Dr. Singh

I want to express my appreciation for all your time and patience that you extended to me thru my whole procedure. I was always conscience of laughing or smiling because of the color and shape of my teeth. I always felt uncomfortable and would avoid people rather than have them see my smile. Now that you have completed the work, I am a new person, have grown in my confidence and look forward to meeting new people everyday. Thank you again for everything!

Your biggest fan,
Ann B.
Manhattan,New York

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